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RANKS UPDATED: 2019-03-01

Questions about this rankings list?

At the end of each calendar month, Corporate provides us with an updated rankings list.  Please allow a few business days after the end of the month cycle for the list on this page to be updated.  To report a needed update to this page, please email

If you are on the list below but do not have an image by your name, please send a high quality digital photo of yourself to  A photo request is sent out when an Associate first qualifies for rank recognition.  If you did not receive that email, please add our email address to your saved contacts and (just in case) check your SPAM folder.  Thank you.

For a list of rank qualifications and recognition prizes, refer to the LurraLIfe Compensation Plan – Rank Qualifications.

To check your current rank status, log into your LurraLife Back Office or contact LurraLife Corporate Member Support at (385) 715-2519 or

Questions about rank recognition prizes?

Associate accounts qualify for the rank recognition prizes only the first time they reach each rank.

For questions about rank recognition prizes, contact LurraLife Corporate Member Support at (385) 715-2519 or  

Attention members in Ghana, contact the corporate leaders in your country about your rank prizes.  Thank you.

Black Star Associates

Five Star Associates

Four Star Associates

Three Star Associates

Two Star Associates

Angel Rodriguez (Utah)
Rene Alberto Pacheco
Angel Rodriguez (Utah)
Angel Rodriguez (Utah)
Angel Rodriguez (Utah)
Angel Rodriguez (Utah)